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AVWeek Episode 114: Faces For Radio

There’s a new Apple iPad coming out called the “Air”. LG is making money making displays when other companies can’t seem to. What is the infrastructure that will take us to 40 gig? The wireless spectrum is under attack again. Kramer has a new wireless HD video device. Are we comfortable with wireless video yet? And we try to give you a video version of AVWeek. 

Host: Tim Albright Founder

George Tucker from World Stage,
Dawn Meade of Net-AV,
Matt D. Scott of Omega Audio Video and
Michael Drainer from Sennheiser USA.

Record Date: 10/18/2013

Running Time: 1:03:49

6 thoughts on “AVWeek Episode 114: Faces For Radio”

October 28, 2013

AVWeek: Now With Video! Ep. 114 talking LG, Wireless Spectrum & Wireless Video. #AVTweeps #AVNews #TWIAV


October 29, 2013

AVWeek 114: Now With Video! Talking LG displays, Wireless Audio and Video, and 40 gig cabling. #AVTweeps #AVNews


October 31, 2013

Our first AVWeek with video. Unfortunately for your eyes, I’m still hosting. But the others do a great job. Ep. 114:


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