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AVWeek Episode 191: Mickey Bytes

Where will Apple Watch take control and automation? We talk about LG and Samsung’s movement in OLED. What should we call the various flavors of 4K/UHD? Plus we talk about getting kids interested in technology at an early age.

Host: Tim Albright

Guests:  Robert Heron, George Tucker, Dawn Meade, and Matt D. Scott

Record Date: 4/17/2015

Running Time: 1:02:11



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13 thoughts on “AVWeek Episode 191: Mickey Bytes”

April 19, 2015

A tweet relevant to this week’s @AVWeek_Pod @tdalbright @robertheron @mattdscott @TuckerTues


April 20, 2015

Ep 191: Apple Watch & control, LG’s OLED, and what is real 4K? #AVTweeps


April 20, 2015

On episode 191 we debate #4K resolutions with @robertheron @TuckerTues @mattdscott & @AVDawn #AVTweeps


April 20, 2015

What’s a good resource to get kids involved in coding early? Ep. 191 #AVTweeps


April 20, 2015

The best displays for production, broadcast, and classrooms – Episode 191 #AVTweeps


April 23, 2015

From OLED to 4K AVWeek Ep 191 #AVTweeps


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