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Projection Freak 1: Freak On. Integrated Visionaries

ProjectionFreakHost: Jeff Gooch Guests: 

Bryan Dodson of Integrated Visions, Michelle Dodson and Brian Blessinger

Record Date: 8/12/2013

Host Jeff Gooch of brings his renowned website/blog on cutting edge projection systems to a podcast. On this inaugural how Jeff chats with Bryan Dodson of Integrated Visions who recently produced and exhibited an art show at the Gowanus Ballroom in NY. From digital projection and lensing to venue considerations and stirring the artist in us all Running Time: 39:04

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4 thoughts on “Projection Freak 1: Freak On. Integrated Visionaries”

August 30, 2013

Two Brand new shows from AVNation this week: Pico Prospective: and Projection Freak: #AVTweeps

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