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ISE Tweet-Cap Part 2

Your time is valuable, and social media moves fast. Here are the views from Chris Neto, George Tucker, and Tim Albright as they closed out ISE 2015 in Amsterdam. Thank you all for your support by reading, following, re-tweeting, and all the effort you put in to help us accomplish this task. It, and you, […]

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ISE 2015 Tweet-cap

The fun part about Twitter is just how fast the news comes in and goes flying by. The downside of that is you might miss something that goes by a little too quickly. With that in mind, if you haven’t been able to keep pace with the lightning posts from Chris Neto, George Tucker, Bill […]

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Nice Sounds… Beautiful Look

One of the categories that seems to be emerging is one of “artistic speakers”. There are companies who have taken wine bottles, blown glass, and artisan crafted wood to create sound structures. Soledge has developed plaster casings for a unique look and sound. The speaker is called the Canto range. They are as much a […]

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Looking at screens abroad

In the U.S. we have a few manufacturers that most integrators and consultants spec and install. Here at ISE 2015 I have noticed the European AV market has players that many of us may never run into. Draper is here at ISE as is Stewart Filmscreen; both of which have a huge U.S. presence. In […]

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Spanish LED Manufacturer

There’s a line I never thought I’d type. A Spanish LED manufacturer. However, as soon as you enter Hall 8 at ISE 2015 you are met with an impressive LED wall from alfalite. They have a 3 mm pitch for indoor, slightly bigger for their outdoor and floor model. Yes, they have an LED floor. […]

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