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AVWeek Episode 222: AV Executive Conference Part 1

We are live at InfoComm’s AV Executive Conference. We will talk about the take aways from this conference, customer service, and where the economics of the industry is currently. Host: Tim Albright Guests: Frank Culotta, Brock McGinnis, and Gina Sansivero Record Date: 11/20/2015 Running Time: 29:14 Audio Only:   Story Links:  

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AVWeek 221: Drone Drama

The Consumer Electronics Association has changed their name to the Consumer Technology Association. We talk about the viability of drones in the AV Space. How do companies gain your loyalty. Plus, we might be biking to Amsterdam for ISE Host: Tim Albright Guests: Matt Scott, Kelly Perkins, George Tucker Record Date: 11/13/2015 Running Time: 33:20 Video: Audio […]

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AVWeek 218: Procreation Placebo

We discuss if AV gear can be a carrier for hacker code, procreating Millennials to crawl back to cable?, Virtual Touch, HDR commonplace in three years? These stories and more. Host: George Tucker Panelists: Tom Leblanc, Duffy Wilbert, Mitchell Klein, S.Kyle Davis Record Date: October 23, 2015 Running Time: 55:46 Video: Audio Only:   Stories: […]

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AVWeek Episode 216: Polycom Huddles Up

Polycom released a new lineup of video and audio conferencing tools. InFocus purchased Jupiter Systems. We talk about the new “certified” HDMI cable and the UL listed ones. Plus, what are you doing for AV Month? Host: Tim Albright Guests: Josh Srago, Roger Takacs, Ray Estrada, and Peter Mitchell Record Date: 10/09/2015 Running Time: 56:04 Video: […]

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AVWeek Episode 215: It’s the Illuminati

Join us to discuss:   Google’s Secret plans, IoT Bums out Electrical Engineering,  Predictions for your living room, Vinyls back and profitable…. These stories and more! Host:  George Tucker Panelists: Michael Braithwaite, Andrea Medeiros, Paul Zielie RunTime: 1:06:08 Video:   Audio Only: Stories:  Who’s Dumber- you or your home? 7 predictions for your living room Long Distance 4k Google’s […]

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AVWeek Episode 214: We Are The Glue

Lighting to replace Wifi?, VR to make huddle rooms passe’?, Sonos loses round 1 in court, these stories and more… Host: George Tucker Guests:  Jonathan Blackwood,Glenn Jystad, Malissa Dillman Runtime: 45:53 Video: Audio Only: Stories Covered: VLC~ VR ~ What Clients Need ~ Sony HDR ~ Sonos v. D&M~ TE’s […]

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