AV Nation Live Coverage of New York Digital Signage Week
In 2015  AVNation broadcast from a unique perspective; the Daktronics office in the middle of Times Square. Visually it was a wonderful shot. From a content perspective, the insights we brought you were great for any integrator looking to get into, or expand their involvement in, digital signage. You can see last year’s show here.


We are proud to announce that we will be returning to the New York for 2016. We will be bringing you the latest from OOH. Yes, we will be in Times Square again. We will also have a show live from the Christie Experience Center.


Digital signage is one of those markets that really smart industry veterans have been talking about for well over six years. InfoComm has a digital signage pavilion, a number of stalwart companies you would expect to see at the show will be at NYDSW, and a number of successful companies have entire divisions dedicated to this space.


AVNation will be bringing you during the week of October 24 is the latest in creative and technical knowledge you need to differentiate yourself and give you an edge on the competition. Last year it was beacons and interactive technology. This year it could be a deeper dive into data, tracking, or simply the emergence of something beyond 4K.


Come back to this page for the latest information about New York Digital Signage Week 2016.

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