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A State of Control 102: Never A Typical Space

When You’ve Seen One Airport…

For too long, programmers have had the stereotype of being cooped away in their dungeons never to see the light of day. But we trekked all the way over to Barcelona to not only check out Integrated Systems Europe 2023, but record an episode of A State of Control! Maybe the programmer’s image is still with us, being crammed into the recording booth at the Influencer’s Lounge. Even so, we are joined by co-host and presenter for AVNation during ISE Rich Fregosa, and Product Manager for AtlasIED Chris Deatrick.

It’s inevitable that we would discuss ISE, but also consider the greater scope of trade shows surrounding the AV industry. Many times, the only people companies want to send to shows are the marketing and sales department, to get their products out and names known. But can there be a value to programmers for these shows? We discuss the opportunities inherent for manufacturers talking to their attendees and integrators.

  • AVNation studios production equipment provided by Shure and Vaddio.
  • We had a look at AtlasIED’s booth at Integrated Systems Europe during our coverage, which can be found here.
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