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A State Of Control 67: Clouds On A Page

What’s Inside That Counts

The AV industry is seeing a growing shift, from hardware to software solutions. Soft codecs, wireless collaboration, streaming video, and cloud content services are just some of the examples. This trend puts more emphasis on software setup, API integration, and network configuration, and less on system design. On this month’s show, we discuss the benefits and drawbacks of these developments, and what changes need to be made to the AV Industry in preparation of Software Defined AV.




  • AVNation studios production equipment provided by Shure and Vaddio.

Control and automation makes the audiovisual world go ‘round. When commercial integrators and residential AV dealers talk about integration, the glue that makes it possible for various products to work together seamlessly is the control platform. Control programmers are typically one of the last AV pros to leave a job site. They are also one of the technical trades that interact with the clients.

Steve Greenblatt created and produces AVNation’s monthly look at the control and automation space. Greenblatt has been in the AV control and automation space for over 25 years. Steve has taught programming for a major manufacturer. Today he helms his own independent control and programming company, Control Concepts, out of New Jersey. Greenblatt is heavily involved with AVIXA, serving on multiple committees and helping write and facilitate several white papers. If you are interested in being a panelist on AVNation’s A State of Control you can email Tim Albright at tim@www.avnation.tv or Steve Greenblatt at steveg@controlconcepts.net

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