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ArchiTech 10: Sound Design

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The Bells Are Ringing

Once again it’s time for the monthly look at the architectural space- sometimes literally, sometimes figuratively, and how it intersects with the AV industry. Joining us this episode is Prinicipal for Murdock Solon Architects Shea Murdock and CEO of SH Acoustics Steve Haas as we discuss sound design and acoustics in building a space.

For some rooms, getting the right sound is everything. From something as small as a studio to grand like a house of worship’s sanctuary. Yet sound can be a defining principle in any environment, and can even help or hinder productivity in certain areas. On today’s episode, we discuss the functionality of sound in spaces, the impact of sound in employees, and getting the most out of your areas.



  • AVNation studios production equipment provided by Shure and Vaddio.

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