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AV Insights 6: Wage Gap

Value Yourself

According to a research report from AVIXA, women make on average 79% in wages compared to their male counterparts within the Pro AV space. This number has variations based on working part-time and certifications but one thing is clear- There is a wage gap. What can the industry as a whole do to raise awareness of this issue, and what does it mean for those women working in AV?

Joining us from AVIXA is Senior Director of Communications Joé Lloyd, Economic Analyst at AVIXA Peter Hansen, Area Sales Manager for Snap One Katharine Wheeler, VP of Marketing & Corporate at AtlasIED Gina Sansivero and AV consultant Kelly Perkins to discuss what it will take to close the gap and make the AV industry a welcoming prospect for everyone.

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  • AVNation studios production equipment provided by Shure and Vaddio.  

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