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AVWeek 503: Soft AV

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With the trials of a new recording setup, we’re here with crispy images only at the measly cost of our editor’s sanity. But even so we endeavor to bring you the latest news coming out of the commercial side of the AV industry. Joining us this week is host of our own AVSocial show Dawn Meade, Owner of Control Concepts & Host of another show A State of Control Steve Greenblatt and Senior AV Systems Engineer for the University of Southern California Anthony Watson.

We start off with a simple question: Are your wireless microphones legal? No, this is not a bit. The Federal Communications Commission regulates the frequencies that are broadcast over the air, including specific ones that as of July 2020 are illegal to operate within. On the short term, what can we do to update these systems to be in compliance? Moreso for the long haul, what can we do as an industry to stay on top of things and work with organizations like the FCC on these matters?

Next we look at the increasing connectivity of commercial spaces and how AV is integrating with conferencing solutions. Integrated solutions are quickly becoming the norm and the internet of things has expanded to the commercial space for quite some time. Thanks to the blunder that was 2020 we are much more connected with conferencing systems. Looking at how that transition started, where things could be headed as we start to hybridize spaces in higher education and the workplace and how software is transforming this part of the AV industry.

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