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AVWeek 507: Competing Factions

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Sometimes the universe lines up in simple but fun ways, such as how we recorded AVWeek episode 507 on 5/07. Then there are the other cosmics lineups that most would call news, which we normally cover, usually on the commercial side of the AV industry. Joining us this week is Account Manager for Control Concepts Tammy Fuqua, Vice President of Sales & Operations at Nationwide AV and Sales & Marketing Director for Involve Jason Ward.

German audio technology company d&b has acquired SFL Group as part of their establishment of a new entity focused on business solutions. This is another case of a manufacturer in a way having their cake and eating it, providing some director competition to distributors and sometimes integrators. Is this the next step for companies like this? Looking at what this acquisition means for d&b and the industry at large.

It has been reported by Harvard Business School’s dean Srikant M. Datar that the school has spent “tens of millions of dollars” on solutions for hybrid learning. After debating and dismissing the phrasing of ‘hybrid’, we discuss how higher educational faculties can utilize AV systems as classes start to come back in some sort of physical fashion. Does virtual learning impair or diminish the achievement of gaining a degree or certification in that particular field?

Technology manufacturer Nvidia has disclosed a number of exploitations and vulnerabilities in their GPU drivers. This news is adjacent to our industry since a good amount of solutions use Nvidia processors. How can we communicate effectively to clients in the event that something goes wrong and it’s not something that we can control necessarily? 

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