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AVWeek 551: Embrace The Future

The Future Is Now, Old Man!

Regardless if Tim is sitting in his office, a very legitimate studio background and not a green screen, or a hole in the ground, it’s time to discuss the latest news coming out of the commercial side of the AV industry. With us to do just that is Global Services Manager for Verrex Charmaine Torruella, Founder of AV HERO John Day and Futurist as well as host of our own XR Star program Amelia Kallman.

Diversified’s founder Fred D’Alessando is stepping down from CEO and transitioning to executive chairman. In his place, Eric Hutto will take the mantle of CEO. Dutto comes from Unisys as their president and COO, having over 20 years of executive experience in the IT space. Diversified is one of the biggest companies in the AV industry, full stop. What does this mean for the company moving forward?

Electrosonic and Igloo Vision are partnering to bring immersive experiences to the forefront of businesses. Through a collaborative engine, they look to create tools for businesses to innovate workspace experiences. What does this all mean, actually? What does it mean to bring an excellent AV experience to the workplace?

Finally, we look at how the war between Russia and Ukraine is impacting businesses in the AV space. It is not a topic to bring up lightly, since there is much more at stake than just AV products considering the loss of life and innocence going on in Ukraine. But there is a real impact on the industry due to factors like sanctions on Russian businesses and reliance on certain international manufacturers. How can we prepare, if we can at all to a situation like this? Looking at world events and their influence on different industries at large.

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