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AVWeek 579: Culture Shift

Everybody’s Working For The Weekend

Even if you’re on the usual grind or looking to switch up your working hours, the news never stops. That’s why even when Tim isn’t here, we gather the latest news coming out of the commercial side of AV and discuss it amongst some professionals in the industry. Bradford is also here! Brian Heidgerken steps in as host to welcome Integrated Systems Design Partner for Kirkegaard Bren Walker, Vice President of Technology for Hall Technologies Ken Eagle and the Head Advisist himself Bradford Benn. At least, when his connection works.

Last week, there were a few events surrounding the industry from the Modern Work Summit in Florida to the UC&C Virtual Event on Thursday. Among the varied topics there was a discussion about the modern hybrid workforce and what that might look like. We also have a report about companies switching over to a four-day work week model with a high number of improvement in productivity. Are we ready for a new way of working? Discussing what that looks like, and what roles AV can play in setting it up.

Speaking tangentially of hybrid working, companies are struggling to successfully implement Zero Trust security. Zero Trust is a system that secures an organization by continuously validating every stage of a digital interaction. We use this more a springboard to ask what businesses can do to protect themselves and their employees. What are the biggest challenges to prevent vulnerabilities?

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