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AVWeek Episode 211: So Subtle

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Cheaper own your own cable boxes, Google’s new 4K format, Apple produces original content, disc are still a viable media,  Are we addicted to technology?  Andrea brings us the news from tech home builders.

Host: George Tucker

Guests: Andrea Mederios, Heather Sidorowicz, Chip Moody

Record Date: 9/4/2015

Running Time: 55:49




Google 4K

Phablet Effect

Wearable Ponzi

Addicted to Technology

Apple Original Content

Discs still Viable Content 

Cheaper Cable Boxes
With special Publishers Perspective coverage from TecHome Builder 

Techie Tiny Home Proves LUX Amenities Can Be Affordable

Hawaiian-Inspired Treehouse Embraces Sustainable Living

Seeing the Future Through Smart Glass

Homebuilder to Revolutionize Healthy Homes for Athletes

The Big Picture: Building the Perfect Home Theater


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