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AVWeek Goes Open Mic

For the first time in its over 200 shows, AVWeek will be going live without a planned roster of guests. Today from 2 pm to about 3 pm EDT, Tim Albright will go live on air and invite you, the AV community, to come on the show and contribute to the conversation on AVWeek.

If you’ve never been a guest on AVWeek or seen/listened to an episode, Tim will have a few news stories to discuss and he’ll fire off a question or two to get to the heart of the matter. The publications in our industry do a great job covering the ‘what’ of a story, this is where we try and fill in the ‘why’ for our listeners.

If you’ve wanted to get involved in the conversation and share your thoughts, then stay tuned to this page, the AVNation twitter handle, or the AVNation Facebook page and look for the link to join the Google Hangout to add your voice.

You don’t have to stay for the whole show. Feel free to hop on or hop off the session at your leisure. All we ask is that you have a set of headphones and a microphone, even one built into the PC, (webcam optional) to create the best environment for the webcast.

We look forward to seeing you live in just a few hours.

UPDATE: Thanks to all for joining and watching this wonderful experiment!

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