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Connected! 35: Creating Parity Between Office & Remote

So Close And Yet So Far

A staple of science fiction media is the aspect of communication across wide spaces. Sometimes it’s as simple as a video screen or as complicated as a hologram projection sharing the space with physical bodies. The former was seen as far-flung future tech decades ago, but is now commonplace in our world, especially considering the last year. How far do we have to go to get that 1:1 experience between the worker in the office and the employee working remotely? Today we are joined by Principal Analyst for Creative Strategies Carolina Milanesi, Founder of Recon Research Ira Weinstein, Founder & Prinicipal Analyst for InFlow Analysis David Smith and President of Avrio Institute Shawn DuBravac to discuss what’s going on in conferencing solutions to make this concept a reality.

  • AVNation studios production equipment provided by Shure and Vaddio.  
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