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DIY Episode 17: It Has Some Quirks; Home Servers

Hosts: Anthony Zotti, Tim Gray

Guests: Kienan Vella, Vivek Bhatia, and Jonathan Danforth.

Record Date:


Home Servers, Media Servers, and the NAS. It is a central location to hold all your files on your home network, are they only useful for file storage? What is a home server and what can they do? In this episode we take a look at building your own home server and the myriad of things you can do from storage to home automation.  Running Time: 1:03:31

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  1. Renny Phipps on

    Can’t believe Windows Home Server was not discussed. Great back end for a media network and the 2011 version is cheap (<$50) Plus includes auto daily back ups for all your PCs

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