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EDTech 100: The New Semester

School Is In Session

Our EdTech show returns! We cover all the latest news surrounding the higher education space and where AV intersects with it. We introduce our new host Erin Maher-Moran, alongside some familiar faces like Ernie Bailey, Scott Tiner and Rob Rasberry.

You can’t seem to escape the conversation of supply chain issues, especially around a technological vertical space such as AV. Scott Tiner instead looked at the long-term effects coming in from these shortages and what it means for these manufacturers in the industry. What are the challenges for smaller integrators through this kerfuffle? We look at what this means for our space as well as the indsutry at large.

Tiner goes two for two as our next story is also written by him, looking at the potential for innovation within higher education. As we mentioned previously the supply chain shortage is affecting everyone, and that means that integrators and IT offices are required at this point to get crafty with the tech they have on hand. So where is the innovative tech coming from? What’s this difference between innovation and implementation that Rob is on about?

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