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EDTech 88: AV Slack Group

There Never Was A Clock

As much as we don’t want to admit it, the summer is coming to a close faster than we realize. And what this means for technicians in the higher education space means it’s time to get systems ready for students coming back to school. Except this time, are they actually making it back physically? What will that mean for those technicians? Joining us today is AV Specialist for Stockton University James King, as well as the usual suspects. From the University of Arkansas, Director of Audiovisual Services Ernie Bailey, Assistant Director of Multimedia Services for Drexel University Rob Rasberry, and Director of Client Services for Bates College Scott Tiner.

We start discussing James King’s latest project, a Slack group dedicated to those working in AV and higher education. We look at what brought this group together and how it is helping technicians during the pandemic.

Next we take a look at an article by friend of the site Margot Douaihy about remote access and assessment of systems during COVID-19. Considering that this is the time for campuses to start making the decision of going back in full to in-person classes, sticking to online only, or a hybridization of the two, we discuss what the infrastructure of those systems look like and how each of their respective campuses are dealing with this situation.

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