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Rethinking edge AV

On this episode of IT AV we take a look at the impact U.S. government regulations and rulings can have on the IT and AV space. Recently, Google was informed they were to stop supplying Huawai with Android support. In addition, the U.S. and China are in the midst of a trade dispute, raising tariffs on various parts of the tech sector. The decisions by both countries are having an impact on how IT and AV teams design their next round of upgrades and refreshes. Products that companies use will increase by as much as 25% and some may not be available due to government restrictions.

Sony unveiled a new camera that provides analytics and analysis. As more IT and AV systems rely on these edge computing devices, what are the requirements for the backbone going to be going forward? Where do you deploy and how do you change your network design? Cameras like the new Sony with AV gives IT and AV teams additional data about their spaces and meetings.

Kramer Electronics is partnering with Logitech to bring new offerings to the unified communication space. Our panel discusses what traditional audiovisual companies can bring to the UC space. A number of manufacturers work seamlessly with Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Slack. These companies see the value in leveraging existing customer relationships while offering additional features and services.

Host: Tim Albright, AVNation

Victoria Ferrari – Netrix
Derek Joncas – Extron Electronics

AV Magazine – Sony’s camera with AI
SCN – Kramer joins Logitech Collaboration Program
NY Times – U.S. government ban on Huawei

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