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IT AV 42: Government AV

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It’s time for the place where IT and AV come together. Not in an Adeptus Mechanicus way. Not yet, anyway. That just means we find the latest stories surrounding both fields and see how they intersect. Joining us this week is Senior Design Consultant for Conference Technologies Victoria Ferrari, Product Marketing Manager for Biamp Chris Fitzsimmons, and President for Omega Audio Video (as well as host of our own ResiWeek show) Matt Scott, who has afforded some time in the middle of a job site to join the conversation. Lucky us.

First we take a look at the shift that some IT companies are going through, which is bringing the operating expense model (also known as OpEx) into the AV sphere. We’re plenty familiar with AV as a service models, so how does this differ from those? What is the benefit for companies to be switching to this model? Looking at both the potential advantages and constraints for an OpEx service model for AV companies.

Next, the UK government has issued a statement intending to take out all Huawei related solutions off of their 5G solutions by 2023. This is in response to the US administration banning use of Huawei technology and blocking companies from purchasing foreign telecommunications equipment through 2021. How do manufacturers navigate around the tricky topic of situations like this?

Also, Zoom has laid out a 90-day security plan for their platform to be as secure as possible. It’s definitely worth hearing about how they are going about this.

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