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IT AV 44: Rogue Access

Help Them Help Themselves

It’s time to see where the IT and AV sides of our industry coalesce, not just because that’s the exact premise of our show, but that the word coalesce is so much fun to say. Joining us are a recurring group, Manager of Product Marketing for Extron Derek Joncas, AV consultant under the AstroMan AV flag Sean Reid and Director of Technology Design and Planning Services for HGA Brad Kult as we take a look at the latest news that brings together both AV and IT. 

Poly states that for the next normal (technically not the despised phrase “new normal”) will be a hybrid model of remote work and occupying office spaces. There are also companies like Spinitar providing complimentary cloud services to new and existing customers. What does this next normal look like for companies? What’s that going to do for IT teams that have to work out all these logisitcs? We also take a look at the security considerations to be made by those teams. 

Speaking of the hybrid workforce, working from anywhere has been something less than the pipe dream it was thought to be in years past, to something companies are seriously considering. However, as with the hybrid model, what does that infrastructure look like? How can we keep employees and critical company data secure when everyone is spread across the sphere? Discussing how to get the training to those employees and keep your data secure.

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