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ResiWeek 177: More Confusion is Good

Let Me Help You With That

On this episode of ResiWeek, we ponder having live chat services for your website. Is it something businesses should look into? Should it be in-house, or contracted outside? Or maybe they take the same place as intrusive ads and email list pop-ups. To quote one Matt Scott “Dolby Vision is a pain the butt.” So, how do we make it easier for clients and integrators? Discussing how to assuage the process of Dolby Vision. Also, the internet is broken. We look at understanding misinformation on the internet, “fake news”, and the opportunity itnegrators and AV industry as a whole has to help set the record straight for everyone. Finally, Google discontinues the Nest smart home website as it becomes rolled into Google’s smart home solutions. 



Host: Matt Scott



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