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ResiWeek 264: Identity Crisis

It’s Not You, It’s Me

If an integrator sees its own shadow, does that mean the project will persist for six more weeks? Either way, we are here now to bring you the latest stories surrounding the residential side of the AV industry. Joining us to talk about these topics is Senior Vice President of Education & Training Samantha Ventura and AVNation regular as well as Fregosa Design’s Principal Rich Fregosa.

Brilliant says that customers will once again be able to control Google Nest thermostats through their applications after more than a year of absence in this functionality. After the Works With Next program was shut down like many Google projects, the connections were. Now that it has returned, what does this mean for integrators and clients who work with DIY solutions like this? Can we manage this aspect and effectively communicate the ever-changing situations like this to our clients?

Speaking of communication, we look at an article concerning when it’s time to fire your client. Arguably, in this climate you might think there is no time for that. We need all the work we can get! But inevitably one side will part from the other. How can we make that transition without burning bridges and reputations alike? Discussing the science of letting a client go on good terms.

Host: Matt Scott
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