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ResiWeek 273: Don’t Let Things Get Gummy

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Sometimes the best conversations can happen with the most minimal amount of time to prepare, even if that conversation pertains to the residential side of the AV industry. Joining us this week is President of Access Networks Hagai Feiner, Principal of Fregosa Design & co-host of A State of Control Rich Fregosa and CEO & Chief Strategist for KMB Communications Katye McGregor-Bennett.

AV over IP has been the hot talk of the industry, and has made its way into the residential side. That being said, are integrators prepared for this surge of popularity? What can we do to get those still on the fence to make the jump into AV over IP systems? Looking at the state of the market and what lies ahead for the residential space.

Apple has finally put a horse in the 4K race with a new 6th Generation Apple TV. Considering Matt’s predeliction for Apple devices, this was bound to start a conversation. That being said, what took them so long to get to market? Are all the bells and whistles included through here enough to bring them up to speed, or is this possibly too late? Discussing what this means for Apple and where it might belong in ths streaming market.

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