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ResiWeek 281: Smart Home Monopoly

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Our virtual event AV³ is complete (and in some minds, defeated) but the news cycle still rages on. We’re here to cover the latest stories coming out of the residential side of the AV industry. Joining us this week is Founder of Thoughtful Integrations Joe Whitaker, Director of Sales for RTI Jim Koenig and Chief Content Officer for CE Pro Jason Knott.

We joke about the inevitability of one day working for Amazon, Google or Apple no matter where you are, but a potential monopolization problem isn’t unheard of according to the US government. At an anti-trust hearing held last week, the Senate Judiciary Subcommittee discussed Amazon and Google about their growing influence on the smart home market. Is there a chance we’re going to see any real action or legislation being taken here in the US? We make the Sisyphean task of talking government adjacent topics without getting in the political space and look at what this could mean for our industry down the road.

RTI is in the process of changing how they go to market with their dealers, moving into more of a certified situation. We just happen to have Jim Koenig from RTI to expand and explain what this move means and what this means for RTI and their dealers.

Host: Matt Scott
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