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ResiWeek 288: Avi-Palooza

Glacial Progress

We seem to be reaching a melting point, in a figurative and possibly literal sense. But before you turn into a blob of person, consider looking at the residential side of the AV industry with us. And by us, we mean Principal of Fregosa Design Rich Fregosa and Managing Partner for bluesalve Avi Rosenthal.

The technology trade consortium HTSA is partnering with Emerald Expositions for a three-day slate of training and education called Tommapalooza for CEDIA Expo 2021. Is there a chance that this will end up extending to other buying groups making a spot for shows like CEDIA? Looking at what this means for the HTSA and CEDIA moving forward.

The sunsetting of 3G cellular networks is slowly rolling in, although some organizations like The Monitoring Association and the Alarm Industry Communications Committee are attempting to delay that closing. The conversation of sunsetting something even as big as this isn’t new after taking down 2G for 3G, but as with most things in the 2020-21 scope there are extra factors in play. What role do integrators play in ensuring the their clients are ready for when things like this go out to pasture?

Host: Matt Scott
  • AVNation studios production equipment provided by Shure and Vaddio.  
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