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ResiWeek 303: Just Say No

Lies, Crazy Lies & Marketing

Before we dig into the meat of the season, let’s dig into the proverbial meat of the stories that are coming out of the residential side of the AV industry. What a metaphor. Joining us to do just that is Screen Innovations CTO Michael Braithwaite, Powerhouse Alliance CEO Dennis Holzer and Director of Residential Sales for SurgeX Jimmy Paschke.

The demand for smart home technology, specifically video doorbells are becoming a standard for newly constructed homes. This is in part due to the growing popularity of solutions like Ring doorbells in homes. But most Ring systems or video doorbells in that vein are DIY solutions for homeowners. Is it a stepping stone to something better than an integrator can have a part in? Looking at the smart home space and the level of quality that integrators can provide.

LG has announced a limited time holiday bundle, offering complimentary pairs of LG TONE earbuds or XBOOM speakers with a purchase of certain LG Smart TVs. Since Black Friday is coming up (or possibly already here since retailers push it farther back each year) deals like this aren’t uncommon. For a display, are free earbuds really going to push a consumer over the edge? Can integrators or distributors themselves compete with holiday deals? Discussing what it means to run a business at this time of year.

Polk Audio has launched their Monitor XT Series, their most affordable speaker line with Hi-Res capabilities. Is this a good entry point for those getting into audio systems, or more of a hurdle for integrators? We try as gingerly as possible to assess these speakers and what budget solutions mean for integrators.

Host: Matt Scott
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  • AVNation studios production equipment provided by Shure and Vaddio.  
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  1. I just watched the discussion hosted by Matt and I have to say that everyone was spot on with their respective comments.

    Initially my interest in this episode was due to Michael Braithwaite (as I represent Screen Innovations in Ontario) being one of the panelists, but I became wrapped up in the entire conversation.

    Great job everyone and I look forward to the next episode, Matt!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

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