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ResiWeek 392: Banned AV

Finally we have a professional hosting ResiWeek! Matt Scott is on vacation, so AVWeek’s Tim Albright sits in the host chair. Discussing the stories that impact the residential market this week are Mark Corbin from Vanco and Ian Bryant from Premiere SAV. 

The US government has been trying for years to get rid of incandescent light bulbs. Well, they’ve gone and done it. Lighting in the Residential AV market is huge and our guests discuss ways around the new regulations. Whether that is CFLs (compact fluorescent lighting) or LED, there are ways to make sure homeowners can still get the lighting experience they want. 

Extreme weather is all around us. Storms, fires, and floods impact AV systems around the globe. There are monitoring and automation systems that AV pros can put into place to help minimize the impact of these weather events. 

Acoustics and power conditioning are not necessarily the exciting parts of a home AV system. Treating a room, and the electricity, are essential to an overall excellent AV experience. Our panel talks about how to discuss these systems when so often they are the first line items that get nixed when cost-saving measures get put into place. 


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