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SCN’s Hall of Fame 2021: Joey D’Angelo

For ten years, SCN has looked through the AV industry to find and induct the most influential people into their Hall of Fame. We’ve taken the time to sit down with each of them to discuss their journey through the industry and what AV means to them.

Joey D’Angelo describes his foray into the AV industry as something of a fairy tale. He started a business installing car stereos in his parents’ garage that grew to have a three-month waiting list. One of his clients, Ethan Salter, was the son of the founder of AV consulting firm Salter Associates. Ethan’s father was so impressed that he was hired by the company after graduating from California Polytechnic State University in 1998. He now runs his own consulting firm, D’Angelo and Associates (DNA). We discuss his journey through AV, creating documentation for projects and the future of this industry moving forward.

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