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The IT Factor 46: The Machine Is Learning

Voice With An Internet Connection

Artificial intelligence: it is a science fiction term far back as the 19th century. It can be the next step of analytics and computing for many, but most of the time it is a dystopian figure like SHODAN, Cortana, Skynet and many more. The truth of the matter is that AI is a tough term to accurately separate from the fictional bias. Today we are still going to make that challenge by defining how AI is used in the IT and AV space, and the potential places it could be used to great benefit. Joining us in this escapade is Engineering Manager for AVI-SPL (and part of SCN’s The Nine) Sharath Abraham, one third of AV Jam Kev Talbot, and AV Admin for Henderson Erica Williams. There is also a surprise encounter by internet superstar Chutney!
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