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The LIVE Life 33: Project Management, Live Events

The Importance of Project Management For Live Events

The exceptional experience you want your customers to have comes from dedicating the proper resources to deliver a project on scope, on time and on budget. Project Management is the most critical component of a business operation to set yourself apart from your competition and execute your business strategy. On this episode, we will begin to shed some light on critical details to help you excel in Live Event Project Management.
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Show Notes:

What you will learn from this episode:

  • Defining Project Management
  • How Project Management Has Evolved
  • Characteristics of a Good Project Manager
  • The Most Critical Functions Of A Project Manager
  • The Most Important Process Of Project Management AV Companies Fail Most
  • Best Practices To Limite Scope Creep
  • Importance Of The Site Visit Process
  • Recommended Tools For Project Managers

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