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The LIVE Life 38: Managing Pixel Mania With The Spyder X80

It’s Called A Spyder But It’s A Beast

Large and custom configured screens and LED walls are the norm in today’s live events. As resolutions get higher there is one box that is ready to take whatever you throw at it, and that is the Spyder X80. Drew Taylor will give us his highlights on this switcher as he owns two of them and has been engineering on the spyder series since the inception.
Host: Wallace Johnson

Show Notes:

This episode we cover the following topics:

  • How Drew gained his experience on the Spyder system
  • What made him design a popular control surface unit for the Spyder
  • Feedback on what he likes about the Spyder X80 thus far
  • What has become easier on the Spyder X80 compared to the X20
  • What company’s can do to verify a certified Spyder op is the right fit for the job
  • His preferences between the Spyder X80 and E2 System and Why?
  • Drew’s advice for up and coming engineers who want to work on these high pixel shows they see.
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