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The Women In AV Episode 1: Mentorship Roles

When The Pupil Is Ready, The Master Will Appear

The Women in AV series returns! And it’s only fair that while we are discussing the experiences of women within the AV industry that we introduce our new hosts for the show. Jennifer Goodyer is the Sales Manager for RTSales, and Co-Founder of the AVIXA Women’s Council for South Florida. She is joined by Erica Carroll, Senior Manager of Product Training & Adoption for Mersive, as well as AVIXA Women’s Council Local Leader for the Atlanta Metropolitan area.

And to kick things off, we are discussing the value of mentorship for women within the AV industry. We speak to Sherri Beck, Director of Learning & Development for AVI-SPL, CEO of Communitronics Corporation Rita Leitensdorfer and Chief Marketing Officer for the CMO Syndicate Jennifer Davis. We look at how to find your mentor to succeed, the shift between mentees to mentors, how to provide and teach for others in the AV space and much more.

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