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The Women in AV Episode 7: Looking Back, Moving Forward

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Move Forward & Gain Two

We like to use this show to look at the present and the state of the AV industry as it stands today and the effects it has on the future. But this time, we’re going to look back just as much as we intend to look forward and see how things have evolved. And to do just that, we need some experts in AV.

Joining us in this discussion is Business Development Manager for Sound Control Technologies Kathryn Cordina and Advisist Bradford Benn, the first male guest to make an appearance on the show. Advisist was the elite sponsor for Rosie Riveters, an organization dedicated to introducing young women to the STEM field. We look at the most important developments in AV technology, how we can go from people “falling into” AV to pursuing a career with purpose and much more.

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