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Marketing Services

Daily Download Special


This top-selling marketing tool assists in keeping your brand in the audience’s mind by using a pre-recorded clip (1-2 sentences)  that plays before 20+ podcasts. Your own little mini commercial to drive interest to wherever you’d like!

For optimum marketing benefits, we suggest utilizing our hand-crafted landing page to collect leads that will be delivered to your company monthly.

Price & Details

  • $4,000 per month

    • 1-2 sentences to be played before 20+ podcasts​

    • Logo/Ad on Daily Download webpage for the month

  • Landing Page – $2,500 (one time cost)

    • leads collected by gating the website ​

    • Delivered to your company via monthly email


  • 4,356  listeners last month!

For More Info Please Contact Paige


Social Amplification

Price & Details

  • $2,500 per month
    • Includes 2-3 posts per week​
    • Hand craft your own post
  • $1,250 for 2 weeks
    • Includes 2-3 posts per week​
    • Hand craft your own post


  • Facebook

    • 1,417 ​followers

  • Twitter


  • Instagram

    • 1,831​ followers

  • LinkedIn


Product Reviews


Have an excellent new product that you’d like to showcase? Our experienced team will take test your product, write a review and post it on our website with a link back to your company for further benefits.


  • $2,500 per review

    • Experienced testing​

    • Professionally written review

    • Posted on our website which has  an avg of 253k impressions per month of end users, manufacturer and more