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Daily Download Monday September 9, 2019


Poly’s new logo looks awfully similar to a gaming company called PDP Gaming. How does this kind of thing happen in the first place, and how does it get resolved?

AVWeek 398: Show Me


Poly faces legal disputes over their brand new logo, looking at Vista’s Experience Center, and the state of soft codec and UC.

AVWeek 361: Training Wheels


Mergers and acquisitions among audiovisual distributors. Security and displays with PCs. Getting AV techs a running start on configuring switches for AV over the network.

AVWeek 296: Patent Law


ClearOne filed a patent lawsuit against Shure, Biamp, and QSC. We talk about how to…

AVWeek 290: The Cloud


Samsung’s $8 billion deal to buy Harman has finalized. What that will mean moving forward.…

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