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No Latency

What’s in a name or a phrase? I believe the saying goes, “a rose by any other name still smells as sweet.” However, a phrase, a claim, does not necessarily. Such was the case for Crestron on the show floor of ISE 2017. “No Latency” is what it said above their new NVX series video […]

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ResiWeek 57: Crestron’s Snowman

 Crestron has introduced a fee to include third-party residential lighting devices, some are calling it a Tax. The season of mergers continues with Control4  acquiring Triad and getting into the speaker market.  (editor’s note: Click here for the AVNation interview with Control4 & Triad Speakers) Sound United has purchased the D+M Group bringing Denon, Marantz, Boston […]

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Diction, Dialog, Drats!

Voice Control is soon to be the ubiquitous interface, one famous man provides us with proper procedure to make it perfect. Always! It has long been a dream to control systems and access information without the inconvenience or awkwardness of a physical interface. Touchscreen and mobile devices, (such as phones and tablets), all require tactile […]

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CEDIA 2016 Wrap

Another CEDIA is in the books. There were plenty of announcements and showings to fill several articles, and that’s what we will do. Over the course of the next week we will release all the videos and interviews we have done. In addition, we will have articles highlighting what our team found the most interesting and […]

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Connected 7: The AV of IoT

David Danto chats with Daniel Jackson of Crestron Electronics about the role of AV in IoT,  integration’s long tail of development in universal connectivity. Host: David Danto Guest: Daniel Jackson RunTime: 27:48 Record Date: July 12, 2016 Video: Audio Only: Subscribe to Connected:

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