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AVWeek 236: Sabotage

For Episode 236 we chat Sensor Tape, Better Audio for Smartphone and reports on Cable companies sabotaging internet video delivery. Host: George Tucker Guests: Andrew Wirshborn, Dean Detton, Terry Coffey Runtime: 40:32 Video: Audio Only: Stories: MIT’s new sensor-loaded duct tape makes DIY electronics a snap

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ResiWeek Episode 5: No Tune TV

The FCC is on the cusp of letting you get cable TV without the cable company’s box. Dolby Atmos and 4K come to Vudu. We also look at Google Chromecast getting baked into Visio displays. Host: Tim Albright Guests: Steven Brawner and Dennis Holzer Record Date: 2/29/2016 Running Time: 28:42 Video: Audio Only: Subscribe: […]

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Mass vs. Volume or Factors in Displacement

Whatever happened to all the ‘freed up’ spectrum the FCC gained after the transition to Digital TV? As a refresher, starting in the early aughts  the FCC began the mandated transition from analog Off-Air (Antenna) broadcast to DTV.  For Television Broadcasts which previously used three separate narrow signals to transmit Color, Picture and Sound now […]

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The Friday Five: October 16, 2015

Consumer AV for Commercial Projects? The Debate Rages On The industry is engulfed with this debate, from consumer grade technology driving what goes into professional applications (think wireless mirroring of your mobile device, among many other things) to wanting pure consumer solutions due to price point. I admit that I, myself, did knowingly design consumer […]

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