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Controlling the Code

By: Josh Srago and Tim Albright   This is AVNation’s second contribution to the EFF’s Copyright week   There are copyright laws for written works, art, film, and music. When it comes to figuring out who owns code that controls your automation system, the laws, and rules are murky at best. This is a question […]

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Commercial’s Disruptive Home

In a movement that has been building for some time, 2017 promises to continue the rise of the consumer market driving the commercial market. With the advent of BYOD becoming standard operating procedure in the commercial space, a host of other consumer-based products and concepts are flooding through those battered gates that long kept the […]

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AVWeek Episode 253: Indispensable Industry Icon

We talk IoT and hacked CCTV cameras. InfoComm adds more European connections. Pioneer is partnering with Google. Plus, the Commercial Integrator 40 Under 40 nomination process has started. Host: George Tucker Guests: John Greene, Bradford Benn, and Craig MacCormack Runtime: 33:57 Click to Watch the Video: Click to Listen to the Audio Only: Subscribe to AVWeek: […]

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Mass vs. Volume or Factors in Displacement

Whatever happened to all the ‘freed up’ spectrum the FCC gained after the transition to Digital TV? As a refresher, starting in the early aughts  the FCC began the mandated transition from analog Off-Air (Antenna) broadcast to DTV.  For Television Broadcasts which previously used three separate narrow signals to transmit Color, Picture and Sound now […]

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AVWeek Episode 215: It’s the Illuminati

Join us to discuss:   Google’s Secret plans, IoT Bums out Electrical Engineering,  Predictions for your living room, Vinyls back and profitable…. These stories and more! Host:  George Tucker Panelists: Michael Braithwaite, Andrea Medeiros, Paul Zielie RunTime: 1:06:08 Video:   Audio Only: Stories:  Who’s Dumber- you or your home? 7 predictions for your living room Long Distance 4k Google’s […]

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