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ResiWeek 58: A Game of Inches

 Just Add Power is now integrating with Savant’s systems. We talk about CEDIA Business Exchange and other ways you can learn to better your business. We also get into the latest demise of Radio Shack and where the next generation of tinkerers will come from. Host: Matt Scott Guests: Richard Fregosa – Fregosa Design Ted Green […]

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ResiWeek 56: No Innovation

Honeywell goes to court over the icontrol and merger. Is this a concern over a potential monopoly or attempt to cover a missed market opportunity.  Toshiba has a giant write-down, and the news is causing waves in the CE press, but does it matter to the residential market?  Finally, some of the best home […]

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ResiWeek 53: Going Forward

Matt Scott sits down exclusively with Joe Whitaker, CEDIA board member,  to chat about the residential integrators take on  CEDIA’s recent moves, the exciting future this promises, and the next step for the residential technology integration market. Host: Matt Scott Guests: Joe Whitaker – The Thoughtful Home Runtime: 34:57

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Diction, Dialog, Drats!

Voice Control is soon to be the ubiquitous interface, one famous man provides us with proper procedure to make it perfect. Always! It has long been a dream to control systems and access information without the inconvenience or awkwardness of a physical interface. Touchscreen and mobile devices, (such as phones and tablets), all require tactile […]

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ResiWeek Episode 27: Wild, Wild West

Origin Acoustics has become the master distributor for iRoom. Consumer confidence is up in the tech sector. How do residential dealers market what they do? Plus, Staples is getting out of the smart home business. Host: Matt Scott Guests: Delia Hansen – Jason Knott – Tim Albright – Record Date: 8/8/2016 Running Time: 33:55 Video: Audio […]

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