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ResiWeek 60: Scalable Issues

 Service contracts, do you charge for follow-up services, do they always have to be RMR centric? Just what is the best way to structure a service agreement that benefits you and the client? There is a very cool new tool for quoting VR  smart home and home theaters will it make your design time more […]

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ITAV 3: Back Me Up

Do you have a solid data back up plan in place? We lost a show before publishing so, on this recovery version of the show we look at what the proper process for  backing up. Just what are the best systems to do so, is hardware or Software the best tact?  Tim also discusses how […]

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ITAV 2: Security Review

On this episode of ITAV, we explore how to make your networks more secure.  The growth of connected AV and IOT  related devices has resulted in more opportunity for unauthorized access.  How do we balance air tight security with usability? Host: Tim Albright Guests: Michael Frank – BiAmp Mark Taylor  – Microsoft Frank Pellkofer- Utelogy  Runtime: […]

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