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Here we go, AV industry. Today is the first day of CEDIA Expo 2015. The questions of what we will experience over the next three days in Dallas have already begun to be bandied about. From speakers to displays and questions about certain connectors coming to the forefront, all are up for discussion. Here is […]

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AVWeek Episode 207: Gateway Drug

Sharp is leaving the U.S. market, Control 4 scored record profits, and EE Times wonders when this “wearable technology” thing will take off. Host: George Tucker Guests: Simon Dudley, Jenny Milpacher and Andrea Medeiros Record Date: 8/7/2015 Running Time: 1:05:36 Video: Audio Only:     Stories: Control 4’s record revenues 60 gig fiber Sharp TV leaves […]

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Pico Prospective 4: ‘Slope of Enlightenment’

On this Episode of Pico PROsectives we discuss news of Osram breakthrough with green and blue laser diodes as well as Lemoptix demonstrating its latest Heads Up Displays for automobiles (using Pico technology, of course). We also chat with Scott Niesen, VP of Marketing at Compound Photonics about their cutting edge technology which is designed and fabricated in the US. A great eye opening interview.

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Your AV D’oh!

The past few week have been spent in my 9-5 talking with others in the integration part of the industry. They were seeking my advice on some things, and I theirs. A couple of conversations sort of meandered into the realm of the “dumbest thing I ever did”. A few were quite remarkable. It lead […]

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Everything AV On The Network

Both on this week’s AVWeek and during the recording of the March episode of A State of Control the conversation lent itself to talking about AV on the network. Whether we are talking about sending audio/video/control over a switched infrastructure (i.e. AVB), point-to-point systems like HDBaseT or something entirely new, the idea of AV on […]

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