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DisplayNote Montage Gets Unlimited Connections, Levels Up Remote Learning

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DisplayNote Gives More LFH Options

DisplayNote just dropped a major upgrade on its Montage screen sharing tool aimed at supercharging remote and hybrid learning.

The collaboration software maker has added an “unlimited connections” feature to Montage that lets educators invite every student in a session to join in and share their screen – no matter how big the class size.

It’s a huge boost to Montage’s capabilities that helps remove friction from distance learning. Students can now fluidly present content from the web or their mobile devices, interact with lesson materials in real time, and collaborate more dynamically.

“The unlimited connections feature extends the reach of any lesson, meaning fewer interruptions, as well as increasing engagement and participation,” said DisplayNote COO Ed Morgan. “We’re anticipating this new generation will win over existing users while attracting many new Montage champions worldwide.”

Learn From Anywhere

The update also brings a refreshed home screen, performance improvements, and squashed bugs.

Montage has notched tens of millions of screen shares since launching as a wireless presentation tool aimed at driving interactivity and comprehension in digital classrooms. Its main feature allows teachers to easily pass presenting duties to any student in a lesson.

By eliminating device limits, the new unlimited connections power-up stands to significantly widen Montage’s appeal and utility amid the remote learning boom. DisplayNote appears to be raising the bar for nimble, student-centric virtual instruction.

Look for hordes of new Montage converts to come streaming in as word of its leveled-up capabilities spreads.

The “unlimited connections” feature promises to be a game-changer for remote and hybrid learning environments, which have struggled with student engagement and participation limits imposed by technology constraints. Montage busts through those barriers in one fell swoop.

Educators can now host truly dynamic digital lessons where the entire class can seamlessly take control of presentations, share insights, and collaborate on assignments. It’s a revolutionary step toward making distance learning feel more immersive, interactive, and collaborative.

DisplayNote Levels Up HigherED AV

DisplayNote’s timing for the upgrade seems impeccable as well. With remote and hybrid learning still entrenched across much of the world, demand has never been greater for tools that replicate the fluid interactivity of physical classrooms in a virtual setting.

The company appears to be capitalizing on a massive opportunity to build goodwill and user growth. Expect Montage’s momentum to accelerate dramatically in the coming months.

And by removing student device caps, DisplayNote may have just leapfrogged competitors in empowering educators to manage full-scale digital classrooms. Seamless screen sharing for all is the new benchmark other platforms will be judged by.

For digital learning veterans who’ve struggled to keep students engaged remotely, this update looks like the answer to many frustrations. And for teachers new to distance instruction, Montage may fast become an indispensable asset.

In one stroke, DisplayNote seems to have elevated Montage into a top-tier remote learning platform. It’s now poised to become a go-to teaching aid for digitally-savvy educators everywhere.

Look for innovative teachers to find creative new ways to implement Montage’s unlimited connections to drive interactivity, engagement, and comprehension in their virtual domains. DisplayNote may have just unleashed a classroom revolution.


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