Monday, December 11, 2023
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My Humble Opinion

Three panelists take on one burning question in a roundtable style discussion that take place in 15 minutes or less. Join hosts Chris Neto, Malissa Dillman and Michael Shinn as they give their “Humble Opinion” on the hottest technology,  av business trends and industry headlines. If there is a topic you would like them to cover, drop them a note using the form below or tweet them using hashtag #MHOshow. The show posts on a weekly basis.


MHO 20: Stealing Thunder

Is Infocomm having its thunder stolen? Host: Chris Neto, Malissa Dillman, & Mike Shinn [SubscribeMyHumbleOpinion]

MHO 19: What Could Possibly Go Wrong

Alexa, the voice activated ‘Digital Assistant, is on all of our clients lips, and control companies are eagerly tying into it. Now with an added camera, just what does this mean to the integration industry, and who would trust this thing in their bedroom?

MHO 21: Think Local

On this episode we look in to the effect regional shows have on the lead up to Infocomm 17.

MHO 18: Hide and Seek

Just where has the AV gone to?  Has it really disappeared or is it just hiding in plain sight?  The marriage of AV and IT is more than transferring responsibility from the media room to the server space.

MHO 17: BLC and Beyond

The hottest gear may get all the attention and centerfold eyes, but growing your business is where the real excitement lies.  Michael Shinn attended NSCA’s BLC (Business Leadership Conference).

MHO 16: Don’t Fear the Bot

What does Deion Sanders, the Microsoft Ignite show and Bots have in common?  Neto and Shinn have some choice words for an ex -Cowboy, but the bots may change our core business.

MHO 15: Microsoft Ignite

Malissa attended the recent Microsoft Ignite show and suggests that it may very well be the genesis of Infocomm 2025.

MHO 14: Surface Sidelined

The New England Patriots head coach, Bill Belichick took exception to a Microsoft Surface Sideline failure. We explore the risks in using streaming technology for critical moments.

MHO 13: AV Month

The MHO gang celebrates AV Month in only the way they can. From lending a helping hand in the community to additional training opportunities to Infocomm International putting an AV course of study at a California High School.

MHO 12: CEDIA Shock and Awe

The CEDIA Technology council has posted some of their technology predictions for the near future. From mixed reality rooms to bionic contact lens, and more. Do you agree these will be standard installer options?

MHO 11: CEDIA Shows You How

CEDIA 2016 is about more than just products, it also is about process. The MHO folks discuss training opportunities such as huddle room and fiber installation.

MHO 10: What’s in a Name?

Our clients perception of our industry is changing, especially on the Residential side. CEDIA has suggested changing from Integrator to Technologist to reflect the role of 21st Century integrators/ Installers.

MHO 9: An Empty Canvas

The integration industry folks used to come from diverse backgrounds such as the automotive, theatrical, and live events.  Today we seem to be seeing only IT backgrounds.  Is this a Boon or Bust for us?

MHO 8: Layers of Experience

Experiential media is a fast growing sector of the integration industry. What does it mean for your business?  What are the ramifications and special considerations?

MHO 7: Pokey Plans

The MHO gang dive deep into what Pokemon Go! means for AR Integration.  Will AR bring new revenue with location based interactions or is it a threat to traditional display?

MHO 6: AR Trends

The MHO show panelists tackle what AR (Augmented Reality) means to Integration.  Where the technology is showing up, what best use is and what the future holds.

MHO 5: As A Service

The MHO crew take a short and Sweet look at: The trend, or at least the talk of the trend, in making part of your company a service provider.

MHO 4: InfoComm16 Last look Back

Chris Neto, Michael Shinn and Mallisa Dillman take a short and Sweet look at what InfoComm16 meant.

MHO 3: Press the Flesh

In our final show before InfoComm16 , the MHO group discusses how the show is more than just new gear.  The human experience is the key portion.  The team chats about who, where and when to press the flesh and build relationships

MHO 2: InfoComm Rookies

On this episode of My Humble Opinion, Chris Neto, Malissa Dillman, and Michael Shinn give recommendations for first time attendees and exhibitors at InfoComm.

MHO 1: MHOshow Presents: #infocomm16 Part

The inaugural episode of MHO (My Humble Opinion), Neto, Dillman and Shinn look towards Las Vegas and why it is important to go.