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Hi Tim-

Just because I am so cool I figured out how to make the ticker easier to use. Less coding more contenting.  I did set the update to once a minute which is stupid fast cause during testing it was tiring to wait.

So if you have gotten this far, you will probably want to try clicking on the links to make sure you are happy.

If you want to change the content open up this file https://www.avnation.tv/assets/ISEScroller.xml I am pretty sure you will be able to figure out the instructions I wrote for you.

The complete instructions for all the variables in the plugin are here for the Ticker

Who is your hero? Read the scroller further down this page!

Live from ISE 2018 - Matt & Tim

[pw_VC_pro_news_ticker_shortcode ticker_soure=”rss” rss_source=”ISE2018 | https://www.avnation.tv/assets/ISEScroller.xml” ticker_height=”40″ enable_interval=”enable_interval” ticker_interval=”1″ title_text=”ISE 2018″ title_width=”60″ show_time=”pl-timer-enable” carousel_effect=”marquee” title_layout=”pl-ticker-title-l5″]