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ResiWeek 250: Happy Time With Matt

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Road To The Riches

Welcome to the sestercentennial (yes, it is a word) edition of ResiWeek! Somehow we have spent nearly five years discussing what’s going on in the residential space of AV. And we’re continuing to look at the latest stories of AV with guests like the Chief Strategist for KMB Communications Kayte McGregor Bennett and Principal of Fregosa Design Rich Fregosa. At least until we run out of things to talk about, which doesn’t seem like it’s going to happen any time soon.

There is some shuffling going about at SnapAV, reorganizing their product development into five “centers of excellence” across the globe. In addition, some changes in staff have occurred, from promotions like G. Paul Hess to Chief Product Officer, adding Parasol Co-Founder Greg Simmons as VP of Industry Partnerships, and announcing the departure of Chief Product and Technology Officer Charlie Kindel. Is this just business as usual, or the rumbling of something much bigger? Looking at the corporate structure and what this means for SnapAV.

Meridian Audio is launching a virtual showroom through a collaboration with Vision by New Land. Users are able to navigate and interact with different facets of this digitized space. Can other integrators create a showroom experience like this? Is it worth the trouble? Are there other parts of AV that we can show off? Discussing what Meridian has done in the virtual space and how integrators can utilize the tools to make an out-of-body AV experience. recently held a keynote showcasing their new Nano microphone and Core processor units in action. With their recent white paper release, is making quite a splash in both the voice control integration space and the AV industry as a whole. We look at how far they have come and where they are headed in the future.  

Host: Matt Scott
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