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AVSocial 6: Toot Tweet


Where is social media the most dynamic!? Why at Live events of course! Hosts Scott Moody and George Tucker discuss the social-sphere, techniques and happenings around Infocomm 12. Joining us were Rebecca Villareale of Middle Atlantic, Betsy Jaffe of Infocomm International, Cari Zoch of Life Size, Matt Scott of Omega Audio Video and Dawn Meade of AV Dawn.

AVSocial 5: It’s #InfoComm12


From live-tweeting on the show floor to follow the action from far away, co-host Scott Moody and George Tucker open the floor up to InfoComm’s Betsy Jaffe, Dawn Meade of Net-AV, Matt Scott of Omega Audio Video and NC Nwoko of rAVe to find out more about how to utilize all of the latest and greatest social media tools during InfoComm 2012. Also, we find out why the show’s official hashtag is #infocomm12!

AVSocial 4: Strategery!


Host Scott Moody and George Tucker take a back seat while Ron Callis of Firefly Design Group, Jonathan Joyce of JD Systems and Bill Reynolds of AV Awakenings and regular Matt Scott talk about how and why real AV integrators have built a social presence for their companies. From getting started and maintaining social accounts to what real ROI means to them, our guests dispense with the marketing mumbo jumbo in favor of straight talk and personal experiences.

AVSocial 3: Crush the NUTS!


This month’s AVSocial features hosts Scott Moody and George Tucker along with NC Nwoko, Dawn Meade and Catherine Jones welcome our special guest author and speaker Chris Brogan. We discuss how manufacturers get support wrong and why the squeaky voiced teen gets it right, why bad is good and why too many companies’ social outreach accounts appear ‘tight around the axles.’

AVSocial 2: Blog This!


Episode 2 of the AVSocial brings up the topic of blogs. What are they and how do we do them. We talk about who should blog and why, topics to blog about how to keep it going, and how to get people to read it. Plus, we ask the experts, “If I wanted to get started today, how do I do it?”

AVSocial 1: Join, The Conversation


On this episode of the AVSocial we discuss why social is important for AV, tips on how to start and continue, what is the ROI of social, and tips from the talented marketing guru, Cindy Gallop.

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