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Day One. My First InfoComm: Confessions of an End-User

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OK, so maybe not entirely a full Day 1. This is that special day with content before the Exhibit Halls open. My first role on-site is setting up for AVNation. Despite these responsibilities I was able to sneak off and attend the Newcomer’s Orientation where I learned about Avixa, upcoming programing, cool swag and, of course, the fancy Opening Night Party.
A definite highlight of my day was noticing the walls of the women’s restroom vibrate from the audio demo rooms. It was like having the coolest sound system in my living room. I met the guys from KV2 Audio in room N210. They cranked the music and I was immersed in the sound. It was the most satisfying beat drop, feeling the bass in my chest. Intense, fun and reminds me of concerts in my 20s.
The exhibit hall opens tomorrow, and I have to admit I’m pretty excited. The previews I’ve seen online show some very cool, shiny, innovative products. The new Integrated Life Pavilion is completely targeted at me. This area of the show floor features products like Virtual Reality, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, and others. These are products and experiences I’ve included or looked at including in my event designs.
And tonight, we party. I expect to see some amazing audio and visual experiences…in party form.
Tomorrow, Day 2: The Hall Opens


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